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#1 - Store Updates?

I hadn't updated this website in like 3 years!! Haha....not sure why it took me this long but it was fun.

Cute Profile Drawing

Also, check out this cute drawing I made of....myself XD yeah, I drew myself too pretty. I'm definitely not this cute in real life. XD But I took a selfie on my heart shaped mirror and it inspired me to draw myself in my heart. Maybe Ill make it into a sticker!! hmm.

Speaking of stickers...!

Shop Updates

I keep getting asked when I'm opening up my shop back up again. Honestly it's been so so so crazy with season 3 and working with my Drawing courses for Class 101, (which I'm teaching soon! Stay tooned! ) But I I'm hoping to soon be able to open up my shop through my website so I can sell directly from here.

I'm also hoping to start selling some cuuuute shirts!! <3 So I'm working on some cute designs that I'll hopefully be able to have up once I open the shop back up!

Stay tooned! I will most likely post on my instagram about it. And hopefully here as well.

The inspiration for my cute drawing... <3

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