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Eisner Award nomineewith over 75 million views, and 1.5 million subscribers on Webtoon, The Kiss Bet continues to steal the hearts of the readers. 


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About The Kiss Bet

The Kiss Bet is a romance webcomic created by Mexican artist Ingrid Ochoa.


The Kiss Bet is one of the top read comic series on Webtoon; currently with 75 million views, and 1.5 million subscribers.


The comic has been nominated for an Eisner Award.

With now 2 completed seasons of 82 episodes, it began publishing weekly on the platform Webtoon in May 2019. 

The Kiss Bet is currently in production of Season 3, which is said to launch on Webtoon, October of 2021.



For eighteen-year-old SARA LIN, one simple bet will change her life forever.

When Sara falls for the handsome and charming new kid at school, JOE, she realizes that she's competing with far more flirtatious and experienced rivals for his attention. That is...pretty much every girl in her class.

Unfortunately, Sara doesn't have a clue in the ways of romance. So now more than ever, she is determined to accomplish what has been long overdue: Getting. Her. First. Kiss. 


While waiting at the subway station, Sara's best friend, PATRICK, challenges her to a bet: kiss a stranger. Fueled by her competitive nature, Sara approaches a teenager, OLIVER, sitting alone and asks if she can kiss him! To her horror, his answer is a bewildered look and a cold "no."

Making matters worse, Sara soon learns that this stranger attends her high school...and is Joe's younger brother! Just how complicated can a first kiss get?!

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