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My Story


Hi there,

Let me tell you about how I became an artist.

I was born in Monterrey, Mexico when I was very young. Zero years old, to be exact. 

My childhood was rough! Mostly cuz I was terrible in school. I spent my school days distracted as I imagined and created worlds in my head. Always wishing to be somewhere else.

When I was 13 years old, my parents moved our family to Central America. Honduras! Beautiful, country! Loved it! Did my high school years there. But....I was a loser! (lol, jk, i was super popular in school cuz I was a foreigner, but bare with me for teh  sake of the story ok!? ok.) Friends? What are those? Anime? What is this?!


I discovered Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon! etc! My sister and I would run to the TV when we got home from school each day so we could watch our favorite Animes.


My older brother would make fun of us cuz we were losers and watched Anime. "You can't even draw it, you just watch it, what a freaking loser! You need to grow up! I'm the favorite child, bla bla bla" (jk, I love you bro, you weren't that mean, it's for dramatics, ok? Also, you watch Anime sayin'). 

Something awakened inside me...."I must prove him wrong aaaaahhh!!!" 

And I did.... A secret hidden talent I didn't know I had.....OMG I CAN DRAW!!?!! 

From the moment I discovered my super secret, powerful, extremely talented talent, I wasted no time. I did everything I could to teach myself to become the very best comic maker and illustrator. 

"Some day, I will make millions of dollars making comics. Just you wait!". 

So, I am currently waiting for that day...I'll let you know how it goes. But for now, this is a list of the projects I've worked on to help me reach my ultimate goal of becoming the first billionaire Comic-maker in the history of the world:


"I must prove him wrong. Aaaaahhh!"

Follow your dreams, ya'll! When I began my career as a professional Webtoon creator, I had soooo many challenges. So many people telling me that I was wasting my time, that I should go work a corporate job and get a salary, or that I would never make money with art. But I worked my butt off and made my dreams a reality. Now I work full time doing what I love! You can do it too!! Have fun with it, and don't listen to the haters! <3 

<3 Much love, Ingrid.

Send me Fanart! <3

PO Box:

222 W. Center St. #1794

Orem, UT 84059

Contact me:

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