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#2 - Struggles of Writing during a Pandemic

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I'm not gonna lie when I say working with Season 3 has been the hardest thing, but this time for completely different reasons than what I went through last year with writing Season 2.

Writing Season 2

So last year, around March to May of 2020 when I worked on Season 2 of The Kiss Bet, we were in the beginning stages of Covid-19.

I, like pretty much everyone else in the entire planet, went through a weird depression-like stage. I was used to being surrounded by friends all around me and crushes and school and work buddies and now...suddenly I was all alone in my bedroom having to get inspiration for my stories imagination.

That was kind of hard for me because I've been used to writing from experiences and real feelings that I get when I surround myself with good company and friends and cute boys. So I had to get to work and figure out different ways to cope and to get inspired.

I read lots of books and watched lot of movies! It was still hard and definitely not the same. I did feel like a lot of my writing felt a little bit more made-up, If I can say....

Haha, funny cuz it's all made up anyways...but...what I mean is...

When I write I usually write because I have something good to get out of me. Feelings of love or excitement or happiness are usually feelings that I love writing about. I've not been ever accustomed to writing about hard or sad feelings, so it was a difficult time for me.

Season 2 of the Kiss Bet included some harder scenes to write, like, Patrick and Sara's making up conversation and even Sara Lin's and Oliver's deceased parents problems. Both my parents are well and alive, so I had to really do my research there. I didn't wanna say the wrong thing.

I guess in the end, those hard chapters ended up being some of my favorite ones so far because I ended up putting so much heart into them that they became precious to me.

I still struggled all the way to the end of 2020. Pandemics suck! And being secluded from love ones and potential crushes sucks even more!

But I guess in the end there were some valuable lessons to learn from being alone and having to learn to take care of yourself and set working times to meet deadlines.

Writing Season 3 with writing Season 3....

Oh gosh, I'm nervous! Nervous, Nervous, Nervous!!

I think now that The Kiss Bet has gained a bit of a larger following it feels like there are some larger expectations out there to deliver an ever better and better season!

For some reason during the pandemic I discovered how to have anxiety and now I don't know how to remove it completely for my life. So sometimes it still comes in small waves to disturb my working days.

About 3 months ago I finally got diagnosed with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). Something I had suspected my whooooole life, but because I have ADD I had been neglecting to go get officially tested so I could find solutions to my extremely distracted, procrastinating, hectic, life.

This really helped me understand a lot of the reasons why I do, what I do, how I do it. lol

So, that, on top of CLASS 101 deciding to reach out to me at this exact moment, when I'm supposed to be writing an amazing Season 3, and me not reading contracts correctly because I have ADD, made things eeeeeven harder!

And then, guess what? My roommate (who owns the place I live at) decides to buy a house!! Amazing!! But now I have to pack up and move. (Which my dear sister Mari did all the work there for me, but still...have to move in!!)

Oh, did I forget to mention how I had already planned 3 trips at the beginning of the year all in August, September and October? Yes, I did that. I never, EVER, EVER, plan trips, anywhere, ever, never, nowhere. I've never even left my house. And yet, somehow, all my beautiful friends convinced me that I needed to get out there and expand my stupid wings.

So I planned a month long trip to Mexico in August to stay with my parents. A week long trip to Hawaii, (which I had originally planned for January of 2021 but Covid moved it to September, idiot.) to go with my roommates in September, and another week long trip to Orlando and Disney World to go with some church friends.

Oh yeah, also. FAN X. That Salt Lake City Comic Convention thing that I signed up for January of 2020.....FOOOOOREVER AGOOOOO. Decided to give us our booth backs because the pandemic is no longer as pandemious as it was last year....and I didn't find out about this until 2 weeks before the Con....

And finally, Webtoon, my dear, dear friend, reached out first with one nerve-wracking offer that made me want to re-write all of season 3 because I had panicked and had decided this was the end but now I had to expand and make things a bit longer....? And then they reached out again this time with another super secret, awesome project that I worked on and took millions of meetings and gatherings and etc. (I can't say much but you'll find out at the end of October.) All during the month of August while I was in Mexico. Taking away precious time to film my Class 101 vids and work on Season 3.

TELL MEEEEE!!! WHYYYYY!!!!! (ain't nothing but a heaaaart aaaache!!) (yes #backstreetboys, I'm that old.) But seriously, tell me why this all had to happen to me now?!

So here's everything I had to do in the next 2 months :

  1. Write Season 3 (Write the whole season

  2. Produce and Write 27 Videos for Class 101

  3. Set a booth at Comic Con.

  4. Move to a new house.

  5. Travel to Mexico for a whole Month. (because I already payed for everything)

  6. Go to Hawaii. (Cuz it's all payed for).

  7. Go to Orlando. (It's also all payed for.)

  8. Super Secret Webtoon Thing

  9. Another Secret, Time-consuming, Webtoon Thinggg.

  10. Sleep.

  11. Eat.

  12. All while having ADD and Anxiety.

I think I need a time turner like Hermione Granger. Where's Dumbledore when I need him?

Soooo....Yeah, it's been rough! Still is! As of now the scheduled time to release Season 3 is supposed to be October 8th, but I'm scared to announce it officially because.....what if I don't meet the deadline....what if something goes wrong? What if I let everyone down?

Geez....How did it all get this complicated! haha....honestly it's kind of funny when I write it all out like this and visually see it.

I have no idea how I thought I could say yes to everything and still be alive.

But, like always.... things will work out! They always do. Right now, hope is the only thing I have to hold on to....oh, and all the excited Kiss Bet Fans who message me every day asking for season 3. XD Hahhaha I love youuuuu!!!


oh, lolololzzz .....XD XD –Here's me practicing my first take of what I wish my Video Tutorials could look like but...Alas, I'm a professional so I would never. lol

See you on Season 3! (Crossing fingers) October 8th. #TheKissbetSeason3 #October8th

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Andrea Ayala
Andrea Ayala
Sep 15, 2021

AAAHHH, lo he leído todo de nuevo (en español). Ingrid, amamos tu trabajo y todo lo que haces!!!!!!!!! Ame la primera toma de la clase 101, me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Sep 14, 2021

No matter what happens, we're here to support you! <3


Sep 14, 2021

Love you Ingrid!! You’re a huge inspiration to me!! 💕💕🥺 Please don’t overwork yourself, your health and overall well-being is much more important!! Stay strong!! 💪🏻💪🏻


Sep 14, 2021

Wooooah! your website is so cool! I just subscribed :). I’ve signed up for your 101 class, and i’m super excited! Just thoight you should know that your work is so amazing!!! We love you Ingrid!


sofi g <3
sofi g <3
Sep 14, 2021

just wanted to say that we really really REALLYYY LOVE YOUUU!! u put so much work into ur webtoon and it’s so inspiring to us! u can get through all of thissss (ur supporters are cheering u on!!) ily so much Ingrid keep fighting girl I’m always gonna be here for you 😭❤️❤️

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